Fort Bragg Campus Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to Methodist University?

Admission to the University can be done in three simple steps:

  1. Complete an application for evening/summer school enrollment at the Fort Bragg office.
  2. Take the English Placement Exam at the Fort Bragg office. This exam is required of all degree seeking students except those already holding a bachelor’s degree. It does not need to be scheduled, but appointments are available if needed. The exam is administered Monday-Friday from 0800-1600.
  3. Submit all official transcripts to the Registrar’s Office including high school and all colleges/ universities previously attended. Evening students have one semester to submit all transcripts to MU after enrolling.

I am active duty and I have never attended school while stationed at Fort Bragg/Pope Air Force Base. What is my first step?

Any service member who is new to the area or has not previously attended College while on active duty must first register through their respective education centers. After registering at their Education Center, service members should complete the admission requirements stated above.

Active duty soldiers must have an up-to-date Statement of Understanding (SOU) turned into the Education Center. This form can be accessed through the GoArmyEd portal or through the Fort Bragg Education office and will need to be updated annually. Lower enlisted soldiers must obtain the signature of their Company Commander on the SOU. Soldiers must also ensure that their GoArmyEd account is current, that they designate Methodist University as their “Home School,” and that they have selected a degree program.

Pope Education Center
Education Office
829 Armistead Street, Building 430
Pope Army Airfield  28308
(910) 394- 4692
Base Training and Education Center
4520 Knox Street
Fort Bragg, NC 28310
Wing J: Counseling Services
(910) 396-6721

I requested Tuition Assistance on GoArmyEd. Is that all that I have to do to register for class?

No. Registering for courses on GoArmyEd does not guarantee that you will get into a course because GoArmyEd does not reflect the enrollments of students who are not using the portal or pre-requisites required for the course. In some cases, the course you are requesting tuition assistance for may be full. Please consult with a member of the Fort Bragg office staff before requesting Tuition Assistance on GoArmyEd to ensure that your admissions file is complete, the course you are requesting has availability and you do not lack pre-requisites for the course.

I am an Airman and do not use GoArmyEd, how do I submit my Tuition Assistance?

Airmen should consult the Pope Education Center for Tuition Assistance request procedures. Once they obtain a paper copy of their Tuition Assistance authorization request they must submit it to the Fort Bragg office either in person, through fax, or email.

I completed my common application on GoArmyEd. Can this application be used for admission to Methodist University?

No, a separate application is required for admission to Methodist University.

Is there any financial aid available to service members?

Yes! All active duty service members can take advantage of a discounted tuition rate of only $250 per credit hour for evening, summer and online courses. Service members who have run out of Tuition Assistance through attendance at Methodist University are eligible for up to three free courses a year! Servicemembers and their dependents may also be eligible for Federal Financial Aid which can be determined by completing a FAFSA application at

I am a spouse, do I qualify for any financial aid?

Yes! Spouses of Servicemembers pay grades E1- E5, O1- O2, and W1- W2 may be eligible for up to $4,000 in Tuition Assistance through the MYCAA program. Spouses must be in pursuit of an Associate’s degree in a high demand field. Interested spouses should register for a MYCAA account at

MyCAA accounts can be created at

I am a Veteran, am I eligible for financial aid at Methodist University?

Yes. Veterans using the Post 911 GI Bill attending Methodist as full-time students qualify for the Yellow Ribbon Program. Through the Yellow Ribbon Program, Veterans pay no out-of-pocket tuition costs. Contact our Veteran Services Representative at (910) 630-7174 for more information.

How do I receive credit for my military experience?

Servicemembers can receive credit for their military training and experience by submitting a Joint Service Transcript through the following link:

The Joint Service Transcript will be officially evaluated for credit after the successful completion of 6 s.h. and after the Servicemember has submitted all official transcripts to Methodist University.

I plan on attending Methodist as an evening student, but I would like to know what transfer credits I will receive prior to enrolling. Is this possible?

While it is not possible to evaluate evening students until they have been accepted and completed six semester hours, students can receive guidance on what to expect in terms of transfer credit from the Fort Bragg Office. The Fort Bragg Office can conduct an unofficial evaluation and give students an idea of what credits will and will not transfer to Methodist based on our transfer credit policies. Students must keep in mind that an unofficial evaluation is not a guarantee of credit acceptance. Credits are not guaranteed until the Registrar’s Office conducts an official evaluation of credit from outside sources.

How do I obtain a Documented Degree Plan?

Once you complete six semester hours with a 2.0 GPA or higher at Methodist University and all of your transcripts have been submitted to the Registrar’s Office, an official evaluation of your transfer credits will be made at that time. Upon completion of the evaluation, a Documented Degree will be prepared for uploading to your GoArmyEd account.

Once my school creates a Documented Degree Plan for me, will I ever need another one?

No, you only need one DDP per school and will not need another one unless you change your degree plan, change to another academic catalogue, or transfer to a new school.

I am active duty and I am unable to complete my course due to military obligations. What should I do?

Under certain circumstances, active duty service members are eligible to request a Military Drop. Examples of circumstances that may warrant a military drop include, but are not limited to, unanticipated duty; death in the family; hospitalization; deployment; etc. If you should need to drop your course under any of these circumstances, contact the Fort Bragg office for guidance on how to successfully request a military drop. As part of the Military drop process you will be required to submit a memorandum from your Company Commander explaining the purpose for the drop. A sample copy of this memorandum can be found under the forms link on this webpage. Students who requested Tuition Assistance via the GoArmyEd portal will also have to request a military drop on the portal before the last day of their course.

Can I continue my program if deployed?

Methodist University is proud to offer online undergraduate and graduate degree programs to active-duty service members. As long as you have an internet connection and can commit to the time it takes to complete coursework, you can continue your program. Keep in mind that some courses have fieldwork experiences that need to be completed alongside classes. Learn more.