Global Education Certificate

Would you like to attend and participate in Global Activities here on campus and be able to use them on your Co-Curricular transcript? The Center for Global Education is offering a Global Education Certificate. In our ever-changing Global world, why not add this easy to complete certificate to enhance your transcript?

The following is a checklist with options to complete. The Director of Global Education must sign for each activity and have proof that each was completed in full.

Core Requirements

  1.  Attend the Global Speaker(s) presentation, usually held in the Fall semester of each year
    Attend/Participate in a Cultural presentation sponsored by the Center for Global Education
  2.  Attend 3 to 4 foreign films in the fall semester.
  3.  Attend 3 to 4 foreign films in the spring semester.  FOR A TOTAL OF 7 films in the academic year.
  4. Attend a speaker sponsored by another Journey department or organization that has a primary Global content (must be pre-approved).
  5. Attend/participate in a creative/performance presentation or exhibition on campus with a Global emphasis, for example, from the Music or Art departments.
  6. Choose three/four of the following. More than one activity in a category will be given consideration.
    • Attend/Participate in Pangea
    • Activities with International students (must be pre-approved)
    • Global Ambassadors-full participation
    • Activities from other Departments (pre-approval required)
    • Attend/participate in International Festival held downtown Fayetteville each September, (must be pre-approved)
    • International Art exhibits in Fayetteville or another city (pre-approval required)
    • International Music/dance concerts (pre-approval required)
    • At least two semesters of formal Foreign Language study at any level (if this option is selected, only two more activities are necessary, for a total of three)
    • Study Abroad experience offered by MU (If this option is selected, only two more activities are necessary, for a total of three)

You can download a checklist here. For more info, please contact Dr. Cristina Francescon, Professor and Director of Global Education,, Trustees 111, (910) 630-7082.