Global Fellows Program

Methodist University strives to influence a well-balanced and knowledgeable student body. The Global Fellows Program enables choice students to participate and complete selected activities focused on global and cultural issues leading toward recognition as a Global Fellow and possibly as a Methodist University Distinguished Global Citizen (minor required).

Freshman and sophomore students are selected each spring for the Fellows Program. Selection is based on academic excellence, a student’s commitment to global learning with an appreciation and broad understanding of the peoples, cultures, histories, and concerns of different parts of the world. Successful completion requires certification in the following:

Students apply to be a Global Fellow Candidate in the spring semester of their freshman/sophomore year with a GPA of at least a 2.5. As a Global Fellow Candidate, a student submits an application (see a sample application here), along with two letters of support for admission from faculty, for approval.

At a minimum a Global Fellow candidate participates in the following:


By the end of the program, students must demonstrate ability in a second language (or beyond the student’s country/culture of origin), equivalent to at least four semesters of college study, through placement or course work (which can include language course work abroad). At least four (4) consecutive semesters of a foreign language (FRE 1010-1020, SPA 1010-1020, etc.) and at least 1 course at the 3000 level with a grade of B or above, are required. A Minor is required for the Distinguished Global Citizen Award.


A Global Fellow will commit to increasing the number and scope of international courses that he or she completes during his or her four years at Methodist. These courses may also satisfy other requirements in each student’s major(s) or minor(s). The language study courses are not included in this section.

Each Global Fellow must take a minimum of five (5) such courses (see Sample Course List). Of these:

  • at least THREE (3) courses should be dedicated to different geographical areas,
  • a broad range of time periods should be studied, and
  • courses should be taken in at least three (3) disciplines.


Global Fellows will commit to the successful completion of either a full semester abroad in an approved experiential learning or academic program, or an approved short-term study abroad or experiential learning program (for programs less than 10 days, two will be required.) Global Fellows will select their abroad experience in consultation with the Director of Global Education. Short-term programs must be linked to an academic program or independent academic study before and after the student’s trip to deepen his or her understanding of the community he or she is immersed in. Global Fellows will be encouraged to seek scholarship opportunities through the Study Abroad office.


  • Participate OR attend two (2) on-campus Global/International Workshops/Events such as the Foreign Film Festival. Participation counts more than attendance toward recognition for the Distinguished GF Citizen Award.*
  • Volunteer for one (1) on-campus international event, such as Pangea.
  • Attend three (3) major Global/International guest speaker presentations (if you participate in the set-up or organization of the guest speaker’s visit, please note this).
  • Join at least one (1) campus organization that promotes or shows awareness of globalization, such as the International Club.


  • Volunteer for a globally-themed or multi-cultural event within the community such as the International Festival Downtown Fayetteville. This may include films, lectures, dinners, festivals, special exhibitions at museums, and more. Students should vary the nature of these activities, and all will require the approval of The Center of Global Education.
  • Participate in a short-term community service event abroad or within the U.S.
  • Represent MU as a Global Fellow at a Community event.

Additional Activities to Be Considered for the Distinguished Global Citizen Award

  • Additional coursework in advanced foreign language study.
  • Additional study abroad or approved U.S. study program to include community service, internship or study program to include Davis Peace Project, Fulbright, etc.
  • Internships and Research: MU Global Fellows will be encouraged, but not required, to seek out experiential learning opportunities (which can include research, service and internships) that are “global” in scope during year 3 and 4 of the program.


Each Global Fellow will enhance his or her Global Fellow experience at MU in his or her major by creating a personal portfolio with a Mission Statement, Global Education Philosophy, and Key Global Citizen Traits and Skills as a future professional.

The Global Fellow will prepare a portfolio including a final reflection piece, to be completed in the last semester. Most of the portfolio will be developed throughout the student’s three years in the program, with the final reflection piece at the end (it will be an essay, but may also include artwork, a performance, a film, a website, or other work that would be more reflective of a Global Fellow’s discipline).

*Faculty or Event sponsor verification is required. Please see formal signature verification document at this link.

To be considered for the Distinguished Global Citizen Award, additional essay questions will also be assigned, answered and placed in the Individual Global Fellow Portfolio.

Fellows who certify in all areas will receive a handsome certificate, credit on their co-curricular transcript, and recognition at the annual awards ceremony.

The Distinguished Global Citizen Award

Each year one or more Fellows may be nominated as a Distinguished Global Citizen. To be considered for this award, please note that significant achievements over and above the minimum Global Fellow activities should be emphasized during the student’s four years at MU but especially in the final Individual Global Fellow Portfolio. Transcripts and LORs may be required.