Monarch Review

MU’s Journal of Undergraduate Research & Creativity

Welcome to the Monarch Review, a publication showcasing the best of Methodist University’s undergraduate research and creativity.  The Monarch Review was published annually from 2014 through 2019 and comprises six volumes.  The first five volumes were published in limited print runs, and all volumes remain available online.

This student-run journal features work from all academic and artistic disciplines, ranging from life sciences to literary analysis, from photography to musical performances.*

Undergraduates were invited to submit outstanding work to be considered for publication. Following the model of academic publications and art juries, each work was anonymously reviewed by two or more faculty members, and feedback was provided to the student scholars and artists. Student authors were asked to make revisions to meet the journal’s standards and the requirements of their academic discipline.

Mission Statement

Monarch Review is a Methodist University publication dedicated to recognizing the best of undergraduate research and creativity. By publishing student work in print and online, we showcase the scholarly and creative achievements of our students and, in so doing, foster our institution’s culture of excellence.

*To submit creative writing works, contact Professor Brenda Jernigan, the managing editor of Tapestry, at