Center for Research & Creativity

Dr. Cameron DodworthAs an undergraduate at a small, private liberal arts university, I majored in English, history, and French, and I minored in art. In my graduate and postgraduate teaching and research, I have focused on projects in the areas of art, literature, history, film, television, food, adaptations, and the Gothic. Obviously, I am therefore a very strong proponent of interdisciplinary study. I am fascinated by the work of others in disciplines beyond my own primary discipline of English literature, and particularly by those that also incorporate multiple disciplines into their research and studies. Therefore, I am proud to be the Director of Methodist University’s Center for Research and Creativity, and I value the opportunities that the CRC can present to our students in their respective areas of study and interdisciplinary study.

The aim of the CRC is to therefore promote research and creativity in all disciplines across our campus, whether that be through our annual Symposium, or through funding creative and research-related pursuits for Methodist University undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty alike. The CRC will also maintain its focus and emphasis on experiential learning, as well as on collaborative creativity, research, and learning amongst the members of our campus and community.

As Dr. Clay Britton, the inaugural Director of the CRC established: “Continuing to increase the number and quality of student-faculty collaborative research and creative projects is something Methodist University and the CRC is intentionally striving to accomplish. Engaging students in their coursework through these types of projects creates an environment in which students are empowered by the curriculum. Before graduating, every student should have the opportunity to take part in undergraduate research or a creative project with a member of the faculty.”

As the Methodist University Center for Research and Creativity moves forward, the CRC Board and I will be constantly on the lookout for new ways for the CRC to grow and adapt in order to better meet the needs of Methodist University students and faculty. We encourage you all to take part in the great and unique opportunities that we have to offer, and we hope to continue to be an important part of the Methodist University experience.

Dr. Cameron Dodworth
Associate Professor of English
Director of the Center for Research & Creativity
(910) 480-8571