Clubs & Organizations

Members of the International Club

A student club, organization, or honor society is defined as any group of students who organize themselves around a common purpose. All student clubs and organizations must be approved by the Student Government Association Senate. Senate approval allows clubs and organizations to use campus facilities, publicize events, and petition the Student Senate for funding.

How to start a new club, organization or honor society

If students wish to organize a new club, organization, or honor society, they should talk with the Director of the Student Involvement Center. Clubs and organizations must meet the following criteria for approval:

  1. Have a written constitution.
  2. Have a membership of ten or more students.
  3. Have a designated Methodist University employee as an advisor.
  4. Register with the Office of Student Involvement by filling out the SOC Application.
  5. Establish a SOC account with accounting for appropriate funding purposes. (This will be done once the SOC Application is complete.)

Students wishing to organize a new club or organization can find the appropriate forms and templates below:

Other helpful forms and templates: